FIRST TO FAME: The Process

GROUP MEMBERS: Tori Saros & Casie Piccirilli

Through designing, prototyping and playtesting, myself and my group members were able to present our game “First to Fame” to the class.

Here’s our game/presentation if you’d like to check it out:

I’m here to reflect on the experience of creating our game, including the process and my individual contributions, as well as what I’ve learnt from this experience.

The idea for our game first started in class, when we were trying to brainstorm ideas for what we might do. Tori was the one who came up with the idea of using social media, and somehow transforming that idea into a table top game. Casie and I were instantly on board with this idea, because we all found it interesting and unique.

I believe the workload was divided up evenly and that the division of labour was fair within our group. Even though we did parts individually, we worked together well as a group when we needed to. We ideated, prototyped and playtested the game together, which was the most essential part for us all to be equally involved in.

When we were working together to figure out our game loops and mechanics, we actually designed and printed our game board so we could physically play our game and ensure our rules made sense. It also helped a lot with figuring out which rules/aspects needed changing or tweaking. You can see a photo taken during the prototyping and playtesting stage below.

In the subject outline, there were 4 dot points of content that needed to be covered in the presentation. When putting together the script, I continually went back to these to make sure we were including what was expected of us. When we received our marking rubric back, we received mostly positive feedback because of this. One thing we did not cover was the three-act structure, which we forgot about as it wasn’t specifically outlined in the subject outline- only on the marking rubric. This was a mistake on our behalf, for not looking at the moodle site and lectures in more depth.

As a group, we wrote the instructions and a rough/draft script for our video. Tori is a design student, so she worked on the slides for the presentation (with a little help from Casie and I). I polished/finished the script off and put it in the order to match the slides. Our final steps were then to do the voiceover and put it all together in iMovie to create our video presentation. Both of these were both completed by me. We all completed the parts that we were best equipped for and enjoyed, which was important to us so it didn’t make the assignment painful or tedious to complete.

To hear a little more about the creative and design process:

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