The Future of Live Music

My digital artefact for BCM325 (Future Cultures) will focus on the music industry. My Instagram page “The Indie Hub” will consist of posts related to the Aussie/Indie surf rock music genre. As well as this, a series of three blog posts to be published on WordPress and shared on Instagram, will investigate and predict the future of music/live music and what’s in store for the industry. In particular, the effect that COVID-19 has had on the industry and how we’re going to recover and bounce back from it in the next 5 years.

As outlined below, I have created a weekly plan for the remainder of the semester. This is to ensure that I stay on track and present my research findings in a timely and efficient manner. I plan to post consistently each week on my Instagram account, through grid posts as well as Instagram stories. I also plan on producing 3 blog posts addressing the future element of my project as previously outlined.

Music, in particular Indie-surf rock music, is an important part of my life and something I’m very passionate about. I know that there is a whole community of people who feel the same way, which is why i think the discussion of the future of music and live music is an integral one.

Through posting a range of music-related content on Instagram and developing an online persona, I will be able to gauge what is important to my audience. I can then use that feedback and data to write informatively about my predictions on the future of the music industry. Live music/music in general has been one of the industries hit the hardest by COVID-19, making it a valuable topic for discussion.

The collapse of the live industry affected not only artists, but the thousands of people who work alongside them. This includes everyone from road crew and sound engineers to security guards and transport and equipment companies – and not to mention all the venues and the staff they employ.” (Henderson, 2021)

This topic of research is not only relevant to myself, but is beneficial for my followers, music lovers, the musicians, and every single person who is employed somewhere within the music industry. All of these individuals will benefit from learning more about the future of music and gaining insight on the educated predictions i’ll be making.

Thank you for reading/listening! If you’d like to learn more about what’s in store for the future of music then follow my blog and Instagram page:


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12 thoughts on “The Future of Live Music

  1. Hi, Phoebe! I’m Zhuo Wang. I’m also very interested in live music! So pleasantly surprised to see you want to do this topic! The steps of your DA plan are clear and your timeline is very detailed! I am also looking forward to what the music industry will look like in the next five years. After all, music industry is developing very quickly, isn’t it? I’m working on a DA about the future of film industry and I think mine has some similarities as yours, so I‘m quite looking forward to seeing your future DA creations! There is a lot of research that could be done on your topic and would love to see more research from you!


    1. What a fantastic way to concentrate your DA! Such an intriguing area to invest in right now, with the music business evolving so quickly! I’m looking forwards to seeing your analysis. I admire how you’re using past, present, and future research to help you write your blogs because I believe your opinions and findings will be valid. You may also investigate how music is evolving as a result of the epidemic, as more individuals get DJ decks and other contemporary instruments to produce music! I appreciate how you’re posting your blogs on the indie hub because I believe you’ll reach the correct audience, and I like how you’re using a five year projection as well.


  2. Hi Phoebe! What a cool topic to investigate the future of! I love that you’ve transformed a personal interest into a Digital Artefact to educate yourself and others. I believed this project is really feasible, and 5 years from now is an excellent time frame for seeing how the music industry will develop as we continue to progress towards a “hopefully” post-Covid era. I really like the idea of conducting primary research by interviewing some bands/artists – would love to see their perspective!

    Your pitch could have used some more explicit references to the subject lectures and/or reading materials. For example, you could have included mention of Wendell Bell’s article on possible, probable and preferable futures –
    This could have been used in your pitch to illustrate the possible future of indie-surf rock music if covid continues, or the preferable future if Covid disappears/becomes like any other infection we vaccinate every year against.

    As it doesn’t look like from your pitch you’ve done too much further research yet, here’s a source that might assist you with your project:
    Cresswell, Jones, Angela, et al. The Digital Evolution of Live Music, Elsevier Science & Technology, 2015. ProQuest Ebook Central,

    I believe this book, particuarly the chapter ‘Live that Survives’ that I read, would be extremely valuable in determining why live music will likely continue in the future despite challenges such as Covid-19. While the article was written pre-covid, this chapter looks at the appeal of why individuals still love live music despite the development of the internet and the digital world, so it can be translated to now as we’ve been stuck in the virtual world in our homes during lockdowns. “…while fans are active participants in virtual “live” experiences and there is a persistent hunger for real “live” experience both as “fuel” for the music economy and in the desire for the kind of multisensual and authentic experience that only face-to-face gigs can offer.” This could also lead you to consider how Covid has affected live music through fanbases. Is the number of people who attend live concerts still the same? Or are a lot of people cautious to attend them because of Covid? How will current circumstances affect future fans and concerts?

    Overall, really loved your pitch presentation, factually and aesthetically, and as a musician who listens to a wide range of music including some little Aussie indie bands here and there, I’m interested in what you discover about the future of the industry! Great work!


  3. Hi Phoebe! I’m already really loving this idea and the vibe of your Instagram page “Indie hub”. I think it’s a really interesting and diverse topic to investigate and I like that you have added a unique aspect of aesthetics to the posts you have already created. It is a great time to explore the music industry and its trajectory in the short term of 5 years or so, due to the unfortunate events that have taken place recently. As you would know, the pandemic has left those who work and survive in this creative industry uninformed and sceptical of the future. Providing a prediction of alternate futures and the preferred future is very prevalent and I think it will be a great idea to conduct primary research by speaking first-hand with people in the music industry.

    As you mentioned in your blog post, this topic is relevant to a wide demographic, those who enjoy listening to live music and bands, musicians and those who just love music, especially indie. So, I think that this future prediction will appeal to a very large audience and therefore makes the utility of your digital artefact viable and advantageous to this target market.

    I think it will be worthwhile looking at statistics in the live music industry and definitely conducting primary research where possible. There are so many smaller bands who I believe would enjoy voicing their experiences, challenges and prospects. Definitely worth posing this to your audience on a social platform, maybe Twitter or Instagram and identifying relevant people who are willing to partake in your research. I find polls also work really well!

    Here is some survey evidence on the impact of COVID-19 on Australian musicians,

    Also, a BBC article on some stats from the end of 2021,

    Keen to see where this takes you!


  4. Hey phoebe!
    Your digital artifact is such a great idea, music has played a huge role in today’s world and it’s good to see that you are researching the future of it and the music industry is developing very quickly. It’s good to see that you’re doing a digital artefact based on your personal interest as you can also put in your own knowledge that you already have into this digital artefact, and see how music is towards the post-Covid era. I love how you are also doing some primary research by interviewing some bands as well as doing research on the internet as you are able to get different perspectives. Your timeline is very detailed and this will help you keep on track with what you have to do. I found this article on the future of music and where it is today that i believed you could check out and get some ideas–where-its-going-in-the-next-decade/?sh=5fb8a673707e
    Overall, i really loved your pitch presentation and the idea of it, can’t wait to see how your digital artefact at the end


  5. Hi Phoebe, I LOVE this DA. It’s clear how passionate you are about this topic, it really shows through in your communication and execution. I love the aesthetic of your Instagram page, you have a real talent for graphic design. A really important topic as the creative industry is often neglected by government funding etc. Im not sure where you’re located but it could be cool to film an interview with a small band in your area. I find these types of videos create a more personal connection to artists where you can get to know them a bit better. My friends ( ) might be keen if you DM them. A gig guide like you mentioned in your first post would be such a good idea, there’s heaps of gigs under your genre on in Wollongong atm and often you only hear of them via word of mouth. A post telling people how they can support local artists who have suffered from COVID would be cool as well. Selling your own merch to raise funds? Just some random suggestions. You seem to have everything under control and well planned. Great work!


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