Trivia Crack: An Analysis

For my digital artefact, I have produced a video essay that speaks about my experience playing the mobile game Trivia Crack. I used my knowledge from playing and researching the game to address my analytical framework I outlined in my pitch, which is made up of monetization, induction and audience.

When I pitched my digital artefact, I said that my project would consist of 3 blog posts and videos, each addressing one aspect of my analytical framework. As I progressed I decided that was too much work in too short of a time frame, so I decided to switch to one video essay instead. This decision was made in order for me to complete my project to the best of my ability within the allocated time frame. Instead of publishing 3 videos with accompanying blogs, I chose to publish a script for my video, followed by the video itself as my digital artefact.

For my beta, I presented the script for my video essay. I received good tutor feedback on this, which ensured me I was on the right track. I also received a range of peer feedback on both my pitch and my beta presentation. This feedback was also all very positive and ensured me I had a solid plan and idea for my project. I was reassured that my analytical framework was strong and that I had come up with some important topics worth discussing. This was encouraging and inspired me to present an effective, well researched digital artefact.  

Through investigating my analytical framework, my focus was to better understand components of the game that I had encountered when playing. I found my three points to work together well and complement each other when explaining my research and conducting my analysis. For example, monetisation spoke about ad’s within the game and how the use of microtransactions to make the game “addictive” could be factored in. This connected to my second point of induction, which is how the game gets its users to stick around. The addictiveness from monetisation is a factor in this. This is then all tied together with the audience, which adds in that extra level of how you connect your account with Facebook to verse your friends and get a more personal experience. All of these when factored together, form the basis of what makes Trivia Crack what it is– an addictive, fun video game.

I suffered a few limitations when completing my digital artefact. The lack of time and stress I had being in lockdown took its toll, which is what caused me to do one large video instead of spreading my content across multiple. As well as this, despite receiving positive and encouraging feedback from my tutor and peers, I struggled to gain any response or comments from others outside my degree. Despite these struggles, I believe I have still presented an effective and professional report and analysis.

Below you can find my video essay and digital artefact- An Analysis of Etermax’s ‘Trivia Crack’

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