what could be BETA than a bit of trivia crack?

My digital artefact will consist of a video essay, unpacking my analytical framework of monetisation, induction and audience in relation to the mobile game “Trivia Crack”.

However, for my Beta, I have presented a draft script for my video essay, which can be accessed HERE.

In regard to the peer feedback I received on my pitch, it was pretty much all positive and ensured me I had a solid idea and plan for my project. I was reassured that my analytical framework was strong, and that I had come up with some important topics worth discussing.

However, in my pitch, I said I would be completing 3 blog posts with embedded videos in them. I have since changed my plan slightly and have decided to do one big video essay as my digital artefact. I had gotten too ahead of myself and tried to take on more than I could handle, which is why I decided to do a video essay unpacking my framework instead of multiple videos and blog posts.

I plan on expanding on my video script of my framework, before I officially release my digital artefact. The script I have linked is simply the draft/basis of my analysis, with more information and research to come, including the addition of a formal conclusion.

Thank you for reading/listening- Stay tuned for my video essay to be released in a few weeks time!


9 thoughts on “what could be BETA than a bit of trivia crack?

  1. What a fantastic beta! Your analysis is very in-depth already, and your framework is obviously holding up really well, based on the analysis you’ve presented and the feedback you received on your pitch. The fact you have such a fleshed-out beta script at this stage means you’ve been far more organised than me and undertaken plenty of research. It was a good idea to switch from blog posts to a single video essay, which I am also doing, as it allows you to focus on a single point of collection for your analysis. There’s nothing I could really say to critique your project, so keep at it and I’m sure it’ll be great.


  2. Hi, Phoebe! Great work on your Beta presentation for your digital artefact. Though this doesn’t contribute to your mark or effect how well you communicated your ideas, I just wanted to quickly say that I really enjoyed your slides and found them to be really on brand for the subject you will be investigating.

    I liked that you spent your presentation video going into depth with your analytical framework. I found your framework easy to understand and enjoyed how you gave a brief definition and then specific examples to relate back to the game media text you are investigating. It is clear that you have a sophisticated understanding of your analytical framework and my only comment in this area is that a little more information on audience may have been necessary to make it a balanced account.

    You have included a wide range of sources of varying credibility, which I believe to be evident of how developed your project appears to be. You have balanced scholarly texts with popular news media and reviews that relate to your game media text which I believe has contributed greatly to your understanding.

    I also enjoyed how you have linked a draft version of your video essay script, which demonstrated that you are aware that this project is made for an online audience. It also provides an opportunity for you audience to anticipate where you are going next and judge whether they are interested in following along.

    You have organised your blog and presentation coherently and professionally. I think that your DA has great potential and that you are understanding of the importance of digital literacy when it comes to your work!

    My only criticism is that some links to your sources in text would have benefitted you, although it is great that you have provided them below! I would suggest linking them in the body text in future, as audiences tend to skim over references.

    Great work!


  3. Great script, I like that it has a good natural flow to it with a consistent analytical framework. My only critique would be possibly looking at ways the game could expand monetisation wise as well as audience. Is it possible to make money outside of microtransactions and can the questions gather more information on the players outside of location. Keep up the good work.


  4. Hey Phoebe!

    First of all, I want to say that it seems that you have a really good concept on your topic and the analytical framework is clearly structured and well researched. I found this to be a really positive start to learning more about the project you’ve been developing! I appreciated reading your draft script also.

    In terms of your further research and analysis of the frameworks chosen that you really have a good relationship between problem and discussion and the examples that you have related them back to allow the intended audience to really understand the question, you are trying to answer.

    I think you really took on board the feedback given from the pitch and were able to adjust accordingly to help further your project. I can’t wait to see the final digital artefact!!!


  5. Hi Phoebe! Your beta video was so well done! Your analytical framework has been researched really well, your approach is relevant and holds up so well with your DA. It is evident you have a very thorough understanding of your topics so far and I can’t wait to see how it progresses! I commend you for changing your DA to suit you more, it is so easy to plan things earlier in the semester when things are nowhere near as busy. I’m also exploring the monetisation of Angry Birds, I found this article which could assist you in your analysis, it provides an insight into a user’s unwillingness to pay for in-app purchases! https://yahootechpulse.easychair.org/publications/preprint/HxVC
    You have done an amazing job and I cannot wait to see the final product!


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