pitch time: let’s play some trivia crack!

My digital artefact will consist of a text/video blog, which will involve me playing trivia crack to work on unpacking my analytical framework structure.

In order to gain data for my analysis of this game, I am planning on drawing from a range of sources. Firstly, I will gain data from the Trivia Crack website itself. Then, to investigate monetisation further, I will be seeking scholarly sources and articles on monetisation and ad’s, both in general and in gaming.

For induction, I will find articles for getting people to play games. I would potentially look at gaming marketing articles and sources as well, as bringing users to this game involves certain marketing strategies.

To gather data on the audience, I will look at summaries from the company about it’s audience. I will also study a range of reviews of the game, reddit threads and other evidence to extend my knowledge of the game’s users.

As well as all of this, I will also draw on autoethnographic research from my personal experience of playing the game. All of this research will help in forming my final analysis of Trivia Crack.

I briefly outlined my content rollout in my project plan. Here is a more detailed version of my content schedule:

My video blog’s will be aimed at younger people who haven’t played Trivia Crack before, and people who are interested in puzzles, quizzes or trivia. However, my posts will be suitable for just about anyone. They may also be useful for anyone else investigating or curious about trivia crack, to use as a source for their own work or research.

Thank you for reading/listening. Follow along to see me unpack Trivia Crack!


5 thoughts on “pitch time: let’s play some trivia crack!

  1. Hi Phoebe! You have a very well thought out and sophisticated pitch and contextual blog post which is explained in detail and leaves nothing but a clear path for anyone viewing this. For myself that hasn’t played Trivia Crack before the Pitch helped me have a clear understanding of how the game works. Your excellent schedule provides what you will be doing each week which will help with your nominated frameworks, monetisation, induction and audience. You also stated you will be using scholarly sources to help you towards your final analysis which is a great way receive the marks and involves engaging in materials for this subject. Only suggestion I have when you research your audience also involve it in a structural way! Overall, amazing work!


  2. Hey Phoebe, Love your analytical framework standing which can offer a deep dive into not only this mobile game, but similar contemporaries. I also like how in depth your schedule is, provides a clear map of what your doing and shows that the DA has realistic goals for completion. A concept that I think would be interesting to explore is the concept of reinforced learning, this is popular with these types of puzzle games and could be explored in your induction framework.


    The point of monetisation is also an important point to cover as this is how many of these free base games make money. An assessment whether or not this helps or assist the gameplay is intriguing.
    Other than that, I think you already have a good basis to start and have chosen well. Good stuff.


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